A Polar Bear Cub Comes Home From School.


A polar bear cub comes home from school one day and says to his mother…

“Mom, are you sure I’m a purebred polar bear? I’m not part grizzly bear or anything?”

She says,

“Of course, you’re 100% polar bear. I’m a polar bear, your dad’s a polar bear, you’re a polar bear.”

The next day after school, he asks his father.

“Dad, am I a purebred polar bear? Are you sure I’m not part black bear or panda bear?”

Dad says, “Son, my parents were polar bears, your mom’s parents were polar bears, you’re nothing but a polar bear.”

The next day, he comes home and asks both of his parents together,

“Are you sure I’m not mixed with any other kind of bear?”

Mom says,

“You’re a polar bear, we’re all polar bears. Why do you keep asking us if you’re a polar bear?”

“Because I’m f*cking freezing.”

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