He watched as old lady boarded


Joe was a steward for Fly High airlines.

He watched as an older lady boarded the plane holding a dog in a cage.

“Excuse me,” said Joe “dogs are not allowed on board, you have to check it in with the baggage.”

The lady wasn’t happy, but Joe was an experienced steward and succeeded in convincing the lady without much of a scene.

Upon arrival, Joe took a peek in the cage, and to his great surprise, saw that the dog was dead! Frantic that they may get sued, Joe quickly sent one of his underlings out to town to buy a dog that looked exactly the same.

Just in the nick of time the underling arrived with the dog.

They quickly switched dogs and breathed a sigh of relief.

“This isn’t my dog!” said the lady as soon as she saw it.

“I’m sure it is” insisted Joe “I was very careful about where I put it.”

“It’s not my dog” argued the lady, “you see, I was bringing my dog to my home town to have him buried, and this dog is alive!”

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