They all must spend 80 years in hell with the guilty pleasures they had in life


Three men die and are sent to Hell.  Satan punishes them based on their sins.


They all must spend 80 years locked in a room with the guilty pleasures they had in life.


The alcoholic will have all the booze he can drink.  The sex addict will have countless beautiful, horny women.  And the pot head will have all the weed he can smoke.


The three men face their punishments happily.


80 years later, Satan opens their doors.


The alcoholic had drank all the booze and was incredibly sick from a hangover that never cured.  He pleaded for repentance, swearing to never drink again.


The sex addict had not aged, and was being chased by several unattractive, horny old ladies.  He begged Satan to let him go as he had learned his lesson.


Finally, Satan opened the door to the pot head’s room.  To his surprise, none of the weed had been smoked.


The pot head was sitting on the floor crying.  He said to Satan,


“Do you have a lighter man?!”

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