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An Irishman was captured by a remote African tribe.

Impressed by his pleas for mercy, the chief (who had a remarkable grasp of English) offered him the opportunity to survive, if he undertook The Three Huts Ordeal.

“I’ll do it,” said Mick. “What is it?”

“In the first hut,” said the chief, “there is a barrel of our local liquor. You must drink all of it within the hour. In the second hut there is a lion with a bad tooth – that’s him roaring in there. You must remove that tooth. In the third hut there is a woman with an insatiable sexual appetite. You must satisfy her. Perform all three tasks successfully and you will go free.”

“I’ll do it,” said Mick (though harbouring some minor doubts as to the political correctness of the tasks involved).

Needless to say, his bravado was greeted with scorn and incredulity.

He was thrust into the first hut, the door locked behind him. Twenty minutes later, there was a loud banging on the door.

“I’ve finished it!”

The chief orders that the barrel be checked. Sure enough, he’s drunk the lot.

They push him into the second hut. The lions roaring reaches a crescendo, then subsides. The tribesmen wait, convinced that Mick has been killed.

“I’ve finished!”

They open the door. The lion is lying there peacefully.

Mick staggers out. “Now,” he slurs, “where’s your woman with the bad tooth?”

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