In the hospital, a man is laying in bed with an oxygen mask covering his lips and nose.

It seems that a young, attractive student nurse is giving him a partial sponge bath.

He murmurs, “Nurse,” from beneath the mask.

Are my undergarments black?

The young nurse says, “I don’t know, Sir,” looking embarrassed.

I’m just here to wash your feet and upper body.

He finds it difficult to ask, “Nurse, please check,” again.

Fearing that his concern for his privates might cause him to spike his pulse rate and blood pressure,

She pushes back the covers, embarrassed but not defeated.

Holding his manhood in one hand and his privates in the other, she lifts his gown.

She then looks closely and remarks,

“Sir, there’s nothing wrong with them.”

After removing his oxygen mask, the man gives her a gentle smile and adds,

I sincerely appreciate it. That was excellent.

But pay very, very close attention….. “Have my test results returned?”