Two girls telling about their husbands


Two best friends, Lisa and Sarah, decided to meet up for their weekly girls’ night out. Over dinner at their favorite restaurant, they couldn’t help but start chatting about their husbands.

Lisa, sipping on her drink, said, “You won’t believe what happened last night. My husband tried to fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom.”

Sarah raised an eyebrow, “Oh really? How did that go?”

Lisa sighed, “Well, let’s just say our bathroom now has a new water feature. It’s like a mini waterfall right next to the toilet.”

Sarah burst into laughter, “A waterfall? That’s impressive! My husband, on the other hand, decided to surprise me with breakfast in bed yesterday.”

Lisa grinned, “That sounds sweet! What did he make?”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “He attempted pancakes. But I swear, they were so thick and uneven; I think one of them could qualify as a structural support beam.”

Lisa chuckled, “At least he tried. My husband once tried to surprise me with a romantic dinner. He lit candles all over the house, but forgot about the curtains. We almost had a bonfire.”

Sarah laughed so hard that she snorted, drawing the attention of nearby diners. “Men and their attempts at romance! Remember the time my husband tried to assemble that new furniture we bought?”

Lisa smirked, “Ah, the infamous furniture assembly challenge. How did that turn out?”

Sarah shook her head, “Let’s just say that the instructions were like a foreign language to him. He ended up with extra screws, a wobbly table, and a look of defeat.”

They both burst into laughter, sharing stories about the quirks and mishaps of their husbands. As the night went on, their anecdotes grew wilder, and the laughter echoed through the restaurant. Little did they know that their husbands had formed a secret society to exchange stories about their wives’ adventures in DIY and culinary experiments.

So, in the end, while Lisa and Sarah had their fair share of husband-induced chaos, it turned out the husbands had their own support group for surviving the whirlwind that was marriage. After all, laughter is the best recipe for a long and happy union, no matter how many waterfalls or pancake towers it involves.

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