We fear no wives


Three guys are sitting in a bar. Suddenly the first guy’s phone rings,

he immediately answered it then without saying anything he ran out the door only to rush back,

quickly throws 10-dollar bills on the bar while muttering, “Damn I forgot to do the dishes, the wife’s on the way home.” Then he ran faster than before.

The second guy chuckled. “Take a look at that! You know around my house I call the shots,” he says as he got up and take out his wallet to pay for his drink.

“The moment I enter the house, when I clapped my hands twice, I got hot water immediately prepared for me.”

Then he proceeded walking towards the door, “…I hate washing the dishes with cold water.”

All these while the third guy just silently enjoying his drink. Taking each sip calmly with a satisfied look.

The bartender said, “Well, Sir, I guess you have your life well in order compared to those two. You are the master of your domain, right?”

The guy smiled and reply, “I don’t mean to brag, but last time I talked with my wife she was on her knees. All fours, even.”

“What did she say?” The bartender asked.

The third guy sipped his drink, then say: “Well, she said if I’m really a man then come out from under the bed.”

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