97 Year Old Midwife Gets One Last Wish Before Going To Heaven


Elsa, a 97 year old midwife, finally passed away after a long and happy life. When she arrived at the Pearly Gates, St

Peter was standing there waiting for her.

He said, “Welcome, Elsa. Do you have a last wish before you enter paradise?”

“I do,” Elsa replied

“I would like to return to Earth for a few minutes and for once in my life witness a birth where the father is the one who has to endure the pain of having a baby.”


Peter thought this was a reasonable request, so Elsa was sent back to Earth for a short while.

She found herself standing in the home of a woman who was just having a baby. While giving birth, the mother seemed to be in no pain whatsoever.

The midwife was curious to see how her husband was doing, but was surprised to see him calmly sitting on a chair by an open window, smoking his pipe.

“How are you feeling? Aren't you in pain?” the midwife asked him.

“Oh no, I'm feeling great,” the husband replied

“But I think we have to call for an ambulance. Our neighbor John is lying out there on the lawn screaming his head off!”.

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