A Young Man’s Truck Breaks Down In Rural Georgia.

A young man’s truck breaks down in rural Georgia right next to a farm

After trying (and failing) to fix his truck, he decides to ask the farmer if he can spend the night at his house.

The farmer reluctantly agrees, saying

“The only room I have available is across from my 18-year-old daughter’s room. I don’t want to see you trying anything.”

As the farmer leads the young man to the available room, the young man catches a glimpse of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

The farmer notices this and says,

“I’m gonna put eggs outside your room tonight and if I see any broken ones, I’m gonna kill you.”

The young man tries to go to sleep, but the farmer’s daughter beckons him over and he can’t resist.

She gives him the best night of his life, and he ends up staying in her room until 5 am.

He asks the daughter

“When does your father wake up?”

She replies “6 am.”

He scrambles to fix the eggs he broke, supergluing them seamlessly and cleaning up the mess and hopping into bed right before the farmer comes into the room.

The farmer sees the unbroken eggs and is impressed with the young man, so he treats the young man to breakfast.

He grabs a few eggs off the floor and prepares them for breakfast, cracking them against a pan.

Unfortunately, all four eggs are empty, since by random chance the farmer chose only broken eggs to cook.

The farmer, enraged, grabs his shotgun and screams red-faced at the top of his lungs,


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