Little Johnny Gets Caught Playing Doctor.


Little Johnny gets caught playing doctor with the neighbour girl.

Dad doesn’t approve thinking Johnny is on track to knock up a young teen in a few years.

“Johnny, you know that girls have teeth down there?

“What, are you lying?”

“Nope, you need to keep clear of that business son”

Years later in high school, Johnny starts dating a girl but after some time she starts wondering why Johnny hasn’t tried to take things to the next level.

“Johnny, are you attracted to me? We’ve been together for months and you haven’t tried sleeping with me yet. Is something wrong?”

Johnny replies,

“When I was younger, my dad told me that girls have teeth, you know, down there.

“That’s silly”, she says, “let me show you”.

So she starts to strip from the waist down, lies back and spreads her legs.

“See! No teeth!”

Johnny looking horrified says

“ Well, no wonder! Look at the state of your gums!!!”

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