Nest Eggs and Surprises: Aunt Edna’s Quirky Legacy


A husband and wife are moving out of their house and are starting to box everything up. The husband finds a box under the bed, pulls it out, and looks inside, where he finds two eggs and about $8,000. He approaches the wife and asks, “What are the eggs for?”  The wife looks up from packing a stack of plates, her expression puzzled as she sees the box in her husband’s hands.”Eggs?” she repeats, a hint of confusion in her voice. “I have no idea. I didn’t put them there.”

The husband furrows his brow, holding the box up for her to see. “Well, they’re in here with $8,000. Any idea what this is about?”

She walks over, setting the plates down, and peers into the box. “That’s strange. I don’t remember putting eggs in there, and I definitely don’t recall stashing money away like this. Maybe it’s some kind of hidden treasure?”

They exchange glances, curiosity mingled with amusement. The couple, married for over a decade, never considered themselves secretive, and this unexpected discovery adds a touch of mystery to their moving day.

As they contemplate the contents of the box, a flood of memories resurfaces. They recall a distant relative, Aunt Edna, known for her eccentric ways and peculiar habits. She used to visit them occasionally, always bringing something unusual as a gift. Could this be one of her enigmatic presents?

Unable to contain their curiosity, the couple decides to call Aunt Edna, who is now residing in a retirement home. She answers the phone with a cheerful “Hello, dear!”

The husband, still holding the box, asks, “Aunt Edna, we found a box under our bed with two eggs and $8,000. Any idea what it’s all about?”

Aunt Edna chuckles on the other end of the line. “Ah, you’ve found my little surprise! I thought it was time you discovered it.”

The husband and wife exchange puzzled glances once again. Aunt Edna explains, “Those eggs are special. They are from a rare breed of chickens I used to raise, and I thought you might enjoy having them. And as for the money, consider it a little nest egg for your future adventures together.”

The couple bursts into laughter, realizing the unexpected and delightful nature of Aunt Edna’s gift. As they continue packing, they decide to keep the eggs as a unique keepsake, a reminder of Aunt Edna’s quirkiness and her thoughtful gesture. The $8,000, they decide, will go towards a memorable vacation, a fitting use for their newfound “nest egg.”

As the husband and wife resume their packing, they can’t help but marvel at the unpredictability of life and the surprises hidden beneath the surface of their seemingly ordinary existence. Aunt Edna’s mysterious gift becomes a cherished memory, adding a touch of magic to their move and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

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