Stepdaughter Tells Pregnant Stepmom to Get Rid of Her Baby, Father Takes His Daughter’s Side



A woman ran to her bedroom crying after her stepdaughter made a shocking statement. When her husband entered, she expected to be comforted. However, the exact opposite happened. A 35-year-old woman and her husband had been together for 14 years, and she was the happy stepmother of his 20 and 23-year-old children. The woman’s husband was nine years older than her, and although they wanted children, they could never have any.
The woman took to Reddit to reveal that she and her husband had experienced one miscarriage early in their marriage, but there had been no sign of children since then. However, the week before the woman turned 35, she discovered she was pregnant. The woman and her husband were ecstatic that they would welcome a new addition to their family. Still, her husband suggested they wait a while before they told anyone else,
considering the risks and the fact that they had trouble with the woman’s previous pregnancy. How Was the Woman’s Relationship with Her Stepchildren? The woman described her stepchildren as “failures to launch,” saying they were happier living with her and her husband or mother-in-law. She also admitted that her relationship with her mother-in-law was incredibly strained and that the older woman had created a rift between the woman and her stepchildren. Throughout the 14 years the woman and her husband had been together,
she had formed a bond with her stepchildren but knew they would never think of her as their mother. While the woman and her stepchildren were not as close as they could have been, she was okay with it because she and her husband were happy together and in love. The woman was married, pregnant, and ready to begin this new phase of her life, which she and her husband had hoped for for over five years. She even went to a baby store and bought a blanket and a pair of shoes. How Did the Woman’s Stepdaughter React? The day the woman visited the baby store, she was unexpectedly called to pick her stepdaughter up from school. Her stepdaughter found the bag with the baby items and asked the woman if she was pregnant. The woman confirmed she was, and her stepdaughter replied that it was weird. She then remained quiet for the rest of their drive home. The comment deflated the woman, but she felt that everything was okay as long as she and her husband were happy. Days later, the woman’s stepson showed her a text chain between him and his sister, in which she talked about how gross it was that the woman was pregnant and that people would mistake her for the child’s mother. When the woman’s stepdaughter arrived home that night, she decided to confront the young woman. She approached her stepdaughter and asked what she thought about the pregnancy. At that point, her stepdaughter exclaimed: You should just get an abortion because this whole thing is [expletive] weird.”As shocked as the woman was, she thanked her stepdaughter for her honesty and then ran into her room crying. Later, her husband came into the room, where she expected him to comfort her as he had done when his children said horrible things to her. Instead of comforting her, he told her something that she would never have expected to come from him. “Maybe we should consider it,” he said, in regards to getting rid of their unborn baby. He justified it by saying they were not in a good place financially and that he had just started a new job on top of them already having two children. The woman told her husband in no uncertain terms that she would not abort her child because of what her stepdaughter thought. She then packed her bags and went to her parent’s house. After three days, the woman’s husband finally texted her and said they needed to talk. She told him to meet her on a neutral property because she didn’t want him at her parent’s house, which had become her safe place. When they met, she told him she wanted him and his children out of her home. She had bought it before the couple married, and she told him none were welcome any longer. Unfortunately, shortly after she kicked her husband out, the woman miscarried the baby. A few years later, she updated the post, saying she had divorced her husband and had a child with an ex-boyfriend of hers, whom she had broken up with because of college. Although she was not in a relationship with the father of her child, she was happy and said he was a great parent.Another father was told he should abort his child after finding out it would not be born looking like other children. He was horrified at the suggestion.

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