When a little Girl was about to tell Mommy something about Daddy and a strange lady

Mummy says, “You keep quiet – I’ll be talking to my attorney in the morning. Carry on, dear.”

The little girl says, “Daddy told me to stay downstairs while they went upstairs, but I followed them and I saw them hugging and kissing at the top of the stairs. Then they went into your bedroom and shut the door, but I went up and looked through the keyhole.”

Mummy said, “What could you see through the keyhole?”
“I saw them hugging and kissing and then they started to take each other’s clothes off, and then the lady got on the bed and Daddy got on top of her.” “Yes?” says Mummy. “And then what happened?”
“Then they did what you and Uncle Jack did when Daddy was in Vancouver last year,” says the little girl .
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