An elderly woman signed papers, only to have her own son eject her the following day.


Gina Manson, a devoted mother, welcomed her son Liam and his wife into her home, only to find herself homeless later.

Unimaginable Turn of Events

Despite her dedication to her children, Gina never anticipated being cast out by her own son, who had once been the center of her world.

A Life of Sacrifice

After losing her husband at a young age, Gina committed herself to providing the best for her children, even if it meant sacrificing her own comfort.

Unexpected Request

When Liam and his wife Debby expressed their need for a more suitable living arrangement due to their impending baby, Gina eagerly offered her home to them.

Betrayal Unfolds

However, Gina’s generosity was met with strife as Debby questioned their security and Liam asked Gina to transfer the house’s ownership to him.

Heartbreaking Decision

Reluctantly, Gina agreed, believing she could trust her son, only to face eviction from her own home soon after.

Devastating Realization

It wasn’t until later that Gina learned the true motive behind Liam’s actions, leaving her with nowhere to turn but her daughter Kathleen.

Legal Battles and Redemption

With Kathleen’s husband’s legal expertise, Gina regained ownership of her house, vowing never to let anyone take advantage of her kindness again.

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