KFC To Customers Upset By Sign On Front Door: Too Bad, It's Staying Up (Photo)


When customers entered the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio, they were taken by surprise when they noticed a new sign on the door. 

However, after they read what it said, they immediately wanted to share it on social media – and it has since gone viral.

Strategically placed on the restaurant’s front door is a sign for all customers to read and to spread the word. The eye-opening sign reads: “All Uniformed Police Officers Eat Free Everyday All Day”


The sign prompted praise from people across social media after it went viral -- garnering over 4,000 shares and 9,000 likes on Facebook. It was posted to Ohio Going Blue’s page.

“This is a positive post, but some of you can't see the bigger picture. As an officer, I do not go into any establishment expecting/wanting ANYTHING to be free or let alone even a discount, whether I'm in uniform or not, and I can tell you other officers feel the same way. We don't like 'special treatment.' The fact is that KFC is acknowledging law enforcement, which is why this was posted,” the administrator of Ohio Going Blue’s page wrote in a comment. “To those who stated that other first responders should also be acknowledged. My answer? ABSOLUTELY.”

Even KFC employees commented on the post in support of officers:

“Yes we feed police officers for free EVERYDAY!!! I work at the Russell KY KFC!! We honor our protectors!! Now we need to give free dinners or food to the veterans also!! I am going to bring it to their attention next time I see the owners,” the employee commented.

“They deserve everything they get and especially if it is free,” another viewer posted.

Of course, some of us forget to take into consideration that police officer’s don’t expect or want anything from any establishment. They simply don’t like “special treatment” because they are the epitome of selfless individuals. In fact, they do their job because they want to help their communities. However, all that being said, they still deserve some appreciation thrown their way every once in a while.

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