Single Dad Helps Old Lady Mow Her Lawn


Felix rushes to help when he sees his elderly neighbor struggling to cut her overgrown lawn. She forces an unusual antique box on him as a token of her appreciation, but the gift lands Felix in deep trouble when her lawyer phones to request an urgent meeting. Felix was going through the monthly figures for his handyman business when the growl of a lawnmower drew his attention. He peeked through his kitchen window and was shocked to see elderly Mrs. McAllister struggling to control her lawnmower with one hand while using her cane with the other.

When Felix caught up to her, Mrs. McAllister was red in the face and sweating profusely. She switched the lawnmower off. “Felix…is there…something…I can help…you with?” she panted. “Step aside and let me help you! Honestly, Mrs. McAllister, your son should be helping you with these chores. It ain’t right to let your elderly Mom struggle alone.” After a long morning cutting and raking the tall, damp grass, Mrs. McAllister invited Felix inside for a glass of lemonade. He was astonished by the dusty clutter of knick-knacks, dirt, and cobwebs in her home. It seemed to Felix that his kindhearted neighbor couldn’t take care of herself anymore. “Here you go, dear.” Mrs. McAllister placed a glass of lemonade on the table. “I also want you to have this. It’s an antique that’s been passed down in my family.” Felix frowned at the metal box she held out to him. It had an odd set of dials on the lid and was surprisingly heavy. “I don’t need a fancy gift for such a simple task,

Mrs. McAllister.” Felix handed the box back to her. Mrs.McAllister frowned with disappointment. She insisted he take something for his troubles and fetched a grocery bag filled with apples for his daughter, Suzie. Afterward, she slumped into her armchair with a loud groan, clearly exhausted. Felix insisted that Mrs. McAllister call him next time she needed help and left her to rest. Later that day, Suzie rushed up to Felix with an excited grin. “Dad, look what I found under the apples Mrs. McAllister gave us!” She showed him the same strange metal box. “I think these dials are a combination lock, but I can’t open it.” “I’m sorry, Suzie, I know you love old puzzle boxes and things,

but we aren’t keeping this.” He held out his hand for the box. “I’m going to return it to Mrs. McAllister.” Suzie was deeply upset, but Felix insisted. He marched back to Mrs. McAllister’s house with the box, but she didn’t answer the door. With a frustrated groan, he tried the door handle. He yelled to Mrs. McAllister that he was coming in to return her box safely, then stepped inside. Mrs. McAllister’s body was slumped in the armchair. Her eyes stared at the wall, unseeing and empty. “Mrs. McAllister!” Felix shouted as he rushed to her side, but it was no good: Mrs. McAllister was gone. Felix forgot about the box until much later when he realized it was in his pocket. On a whim, he searched online for similar antique boxes. He swore when he finally found a match. This box was worth $250,000! Felix hadn’t wanted to keep the box, but he couldn’t return it anymore, and that amount of money would secure Suzie’s future. He had to sell it, for Suzie’s sake. In the meanwhile, Felix stored the box in a safe place. A few days later, Felix got a strange phone call.

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