A curious grandmother and a DNA test


The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is an important link to both the family’s history and the child’s personal growth. 

Grandparents provide unconditional love and support, and a shoulder to cry on during the toughest of times. 

One grandma took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for helping one of her grandchildren delve deeper into her heritage. 

When her granddaughter was born, the grandma hadn’t seen her during the six months of her life because her son and her daughter-in-law were abroad. 

The girl, Lindsey, wasn’t the couple’s first child. She was born second, and the family welcomed another child later. 


As time went by, everyone started realizing that Lindsey didn’t resemble her siblings at all. While they were darker and had brown eyes and dark hair, Lindsey had curly blonde hair.

One day, the grandma decided to ask her son and her daughter-in-law about Lindsey, saying there was something fishy about the way she became part of the family. Her son got really angry at his mom for questioning his daughter’s heritage, claiming she was indeed their biological child.

When Lindsay turned 15, she also started realizing that she was very different from her siblings. 

One day, during biology class, Lindsay approached her teacher and started asking her about the ways she could learn whether she was indeed her parents’ child. The teacher told her everything there is about DNA testing, and Lindsay was determined to take one, but the issue was that she didn’t have the money for something like that. 

When she told her grandma about her doubts and her wish to learn more about herself, her grandma was more than willing to pay for the test.


Eventually, it was determined that Lindsay and her siblings didn’t share the same mother. Lindsay’s father got another woman pregnant while married to his wife, and when the woman gave birth to Lindsay, she gave her to her father to raise her. 

“This has blown up the family while Lindsey is pissed to being lied to, I am getting a ton of heat for getting her a DNA test. Now they won’t talk to me which is making Lindsey even more mad at them,” the grandma wrote in her post.

While some took the stand that the grandma shouldn’t have done what she did, many praised her for helping her granddaughter learn the truth about herself.

What are your thoughts on this?

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