A Redditor had shared a story on Reddit’s “pettyrevenge” subreddit, in the August of 2020. The Redditor was 14 when the story happened, and she was with her father on a flight to return from India.

Behind them, a family of three were seated, and their son was sitting at the directly back of the Redditor.

“About 10 minutes into the flight, the kid behind me starts kicking my seat. To be clear, he wasn’t very little, maybe 9 or 10. I let my dad know and he politely asks him to stop, and he does…..for about 10 seconds. We tell him again ( more firmly this time), but no luck.” The Redditor said.
Then her father decided to take revenge from them, as he reclined his seat as much as possible, and when the family asked him to put the seat up, he didn’t.

The Redditor called the father of the kid, “Jerk Dad,” and wrote the conversation of him with the flight attendant.

“JD: this man put his seat down, and my wife is uncomfortable.
FA (while talking to my dad): would you like to keep it down?

My dad: yes please

FA: well then, he can if he wants to. That’s not his problem. Have a nice flight

He walks away with the dad left spluttering and cursing under his breath.”

“The parents realised what happened and after a few harsh whispers, got the kid to stop kicking. But that didn’t stop them from glaring at both me, my dad and the flight attendant that walked by. My dad did keep the seat down for another hour, but got up once he was sure those parents learnt their lesson.” the Redditor concluded the story.

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