Barely walking and shaking hands: 89-year-old Sophia Loren’s rare appearance raised eyebrows among admirers

  Sophia Loren is believed to be one of the most beautiful actresses who have ever graced the silver screen.

This Italian-born actress known not only for her acting and successful career but for her eternal beauty too embodied the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age like no other person has.

Today, the actress is 98 years of age, but despite that, it looks like she still hasn’t lost her charisma.

Recently, to the delight of her fans, she made a public appearance. This however, happened before she sustained severe injuries after falling in the bathroom of her Geneva, Switzerland, home in October of this year. Sadly, she was left with several fractures, with injuries to her hip and femur and was forced to undergo surgery but is now on her path to complete recovery.

During her public appearance which preceded her fall, Loren was accompanied by her relatives, who attended the event as guests but made sure they kept an eye on the actress at all times. She could barely walk and was greeted by fans with an astounding round of applause.

Loren was dressed in a stunning black suit and had impressive jewelry. Her fans couldn’t help but notice her well kept hair.

Some of the attendees were stunned to realize just how much their favorite actress has changed over time, but besides that, they all agreed that she still looks as beautiful as ever.

“No matter what, she will always be gorgeous!” a fan said. “She will never go out of style!” another added.

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