Clem was the youngest of her siblings. She had two older brothers, who were in their thirties. As she was loved by her whole family, one particular member had showed her the unconditional love, her grandmother.

On the day Clem was on her 19th birthday, her grandmother had gave her another box, as Clem thought it was another plastic sheep. Since her 7th birthday, it was their tradition, as her grandmother would give her a plastic sheep.

Clem would act surprised even though she would know that the box has a plastic sheep in it. As they had a deeper bond with each other, passing of her grandmother was rough on Clem.

“At least Grandma will live on in you,” her mother would say. “We named you after Grandma Clementine because I knew that as much as you were a gift to Dad and me, you were a gift to her too.”

When she was celebrating her 20th birthday, her mother gave Clem another box, with another plastic sheep.

“Grandma gave me this before she passed away,” her mother said. “She said that it was the last one.”

As she take a look at the plastic sheep, she started to cry, and rushed to her room. She put the new plastic sheep above her bed, where she was keeping the rest of them. She used to think that her grandmother would have a memory condition, which was why her grandmother would give her the sheeps.

“Clem?” Her older brother knocked her room’s door.

“I miss her,” Clem said. “Even if I did think she was bizarre for the plastic sheep.”

“So you haven’t figured it out yet?” Sheldon smiled.

“Look underneath the sheep,” he continued.

As she was confused, she started to look under of the sheeps. There was a number and a writing under each sheep.

I love you, followed by a number.

It was like a code, but it was confusing. “You really don’t get it, do you?” Sheldon smiled.

“Get what?” Clem asked.

“Check out the last one, and then take the numbers down in order. Come on, Clem,” Sheldon said, and left to downstairs.

“Go to the bank, Clem,” was the last message.

As she had arranged the numbers, with the order she received the sheeps, a bank account number appeared.

On the next day, she went to the bank with the account number, and learned that her grandmother had saved money for Clem, since the day she was born. $120000 was in the account.

“Ma’am,” the consultant said. “There’s more. Your grandmother had a safety deposit box also in your name. I’ll give you access to it now.”

Then the banker brought a box to Clem, which there was a letter inside.

“Dearest Clem,

You figured it out! Forgive this old lady for playing with you in this way, but I love you so much. So, I had to make sure that you were set for life and do it this way so that no one would take the money from you.

If I’m still around, come over for tea, honey.

I love you.

— Nana”

She directly went to her grave with flowers, and a cup of tea. “Thank you, Nan,” she said as she took a sip from the tea. “You’ve opened the door to my dream college. I’ll always make you proud. You’ve loved me more than anyone else.”

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