Handler Refuses To Let Little Girl Pet Service Dog, Little Girl’s Mom Loses It


 Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in December 2018.

A video of an angry mother has surfaced online and generated major backlash in the process after she was seen raging at a service dog handler.

The mother asked the handler if her 2-year-old daughter could pet the dog, however, she was met with a polite refusal by Megan and a co-worker. Service dogs are trained to keep still and petting a service dog could interfere with its training.

According to the report, the woman came back in a raging fit and started to scream and shout at Megan and her co-workers because of the refusal.

Megan began to film the situation, which aggravated the woman even further, and since then the video has been watched and shared on social media almost 4 million times.

The mother defended herself saying: ‘That was definitely very rude how she talked to me. Firstly you should have a sign [saying not to touch the dog], and secondly she should not have said “no”, she could’ve said “sorry the dog is in training”, that would’ve been nicer.’

Megan pointed out that her dog’s vest has the words ‘Please do not pet me I’m working’, along with ‘Do not touch’ and ‘Do not pet’ written on both sides of it.

She also mentioned that “it’s illegal to ‘harass a service dog.”

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