Heartwarming: Single Dad’s Touching Decision to Adopt Girl Shunned by 20 Families!


 A young girl named Alba’s life took a different turn after she was turned away by her mom and then by 20 other families who wanted to adopt her.

The story of Luca Trapanese adopting baby Alba has become very popular. One big reason is because it’s not common for social services to let a single, gay man adopt a child.

But in Luca’s case, they made an exception. And we’re really glad they did.

According to the BBC, Luca, who is 41 and from Italy, wrote a book about his journey to becoming Alba’s dad. Alba has Down syndrome.

During a radio interview, Luca said his story is special because it “breaks stereotypes about being a dad, religion, and family.”


In Italy, it’s usually hard for gay or single people to adopt kids.

Luca said, “They told me I’d only get a child who was sick, had a serious disability, or had behavior issues. I was fine with that.”

Luca adopted Alba in 2017 when she was just 13 days old. She had been turned down by 20 families because she has Down syndrome.

“Alba brought me happiness and made me feel complete. I’m proud to be her dad,” Luca said.

Luca has worked in care centers for people with special needs and always dreamed of being a dad. His passion for helping others began when he was 14, after his best friend died of cancer.

He volunteered for organizations connected to the Catholic church, often helping people who were very sick or disabled.

Even though he didn’t have a partner, he decided to go ahead with adopting Alba. Now, she lives happily with her dad.

According to the BBC, Alba is a strong-willed little girl who can be a bit stubborn sometimes. She loves playing, dancing, and being around other people.

“It was my first time holding a newborn baby. Before that, I was always afraid. But when I held Alba for the first time, I knew I was ready to be her dad,” Luca said. “I was so happy. I felt like she was my daughter right away.”

It’s been a few years since Luca and Alba became famous for their lovely bond. But fans can still keep up with their adventures and daily life on Luca’s Instagram. He has more than 320,000 followers.

The pair enjoys spending time together and having fun.

The pandemic changed things for them, like it did for many people. But it’s inspiring to see how much they care for each other. They love being outdoors, going on trips in Italy, painting, hanging out with friends, and just enjoying each other’s company.

We’re sending all our best wishes in the direction of Luca and Alba! Luca is clearly a man with a big heart, and thanks to him this little girl has a bright future ahead of her.

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