I gave my house to my son — He betrayed me in a horrific way

 Family relationships are supposed to be build on trust, love, and mutual support. However, when a family member betrays that trust, it feels like a profound violation. The pain is triggered not only from the betrayal itself, but from the shattering of the fundamental sense of security and belonging that family is supposed to provide. Often, it takes a lot of time to heal from such a betrayal because it requires a lot of strength.

The following story comes from a woman named Josie. She found herself betrayed and hurt by what her son did so she took to Reddit to ask fellow netizens about what her next move should be.

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Josie started her story explaining that she lived in a rather big home, with three bedrooms. She lived all by herself, so when her son told her he was going to marry his girlfriend of many years, Josie felt it would be right for her to give her house to him and his wife while she moved to a smaller place.

She spoke to her son and he was extremely delighted by his mom’s generous offer which he accepted right away. Josie eventually relocated with her widowed sister.

However, shortly after Josie moved places, she was told that her daughter-in-law’s mother will move in with her son and his wife. When her son told her that, Josie said, “I didn’t leave my home to have her live with you.”

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Her daughter-in-law then said, “We lied about starting a family right away. We are not ready yet; we’re too young.” She added, “But my mom is alone. We have a big house now, so she will come live with us.”

Josie was furious and explained that she didn’t do the arrangement so that they invite other people living with them and reminded them that it was technically still her house.

To this, her son said, “My MIL is much more in need of us than you are. She’s my family too now and I have to take care of her.”

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Josie shared her heartbreak over her son’s decision and asked the online community for advise.

What would you do if you were Josie?

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