Jennifer Lopez’s Secret Revenge Plot Against Ben Affleck REVEALED!

  An insider revealed that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t want to divorce Ben Affleck. If they do split up, she’s determined to get revenge.

Jennifer Lopez, a famous singer and actress, married Ben Affleck less than two years ago. Back in 2004, they ended their relationship after two years together. At that time, Ben Affleck’s spokesperson said they didn’t want any conflict. They wanted to avoid drama.

Now, fans of Bennifer (the nickname for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) are eagerly waiting for updates about their relationship. They are the center of a lot of media attention.

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Neither Jennifer Lopez nor Ben Affleck has said anything about the rumors that they might be breaking up. Reports say they are living in different places right now.

But they have been seen spending time together recently. They are showing that they are together in supporting the children.

Jennifer Lopez has two kids, Max and Emme, who are 16 years old. They are from her marriage to Marc Anthony. Ben Affleck has three kids: Violet, who is 18 years old, Fin (formerly Seraphina), who is 15 years old, and Samuel, who is 12 years old. They are from his marriage to Jennifer Garner.

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The couple had a quiet reunion in May to watch Fin in a school play. Later, Jennifer Lopez, known for her song “Jenny from the Block,” showed up to support Samuel at his graduation.

On Father’s Day, Lopez posted a sweet message about her husband on her Instagram story. She shared a black and white picture of Ben Affleck from his movie “Pearl Harbor” in 2001. He was sitting in a pilot seat in the picture. Over the photo, she wrote, “Our Hero. Happy Father’s Day.”

Even though they seem to have a loving relationship, TMZ says that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck might break up very soon.

However, the Daily Mail says Jennifer Lopez, who is 54 years old and has many talents, is determined to save her marriage to Ben Affleck, who is 51 years old.

“She really wants her marriage to succeed, even if it means giving up being J.Lo. She doesn’t want to get divorced,” said someone close to Jennifer Lopez.

But just in case things don’t work out with Ben Affleck, she’s getting ready to be single again.

A source says Jennifer Lopez is determined to get revenge and is focusing intensely on her fitness and beauty routines. She’s famous for her strict diet and exercise habits. Fans were surprised to see her eating fast food with Ben, who loves junk food.

“She ate junk food with him just to prove she could be the kind of person he wanted,” the source said. “Ben always criticized her for exercising too much, so she’s slowed down on that. But now she’s waking up early every morning to do lunges and squats at the gym. She’s going to spend this summer getting into the best shape of her life, eating lots of lean protein and salads, and staying away from junk food,” the source added.


In addition, the source also says Jennifer Lopez is thinking about getting cosmetic procedures.

“The thought of dating again at her age is making her nervous. Nowadays, doctors can do a lot to help, so why not get some assistance?” the source says. “She wants to look better than ever so Ben realizes what he’s missing.”

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck looks stressed out.

Dr. Robert Dorfman, who specializes in aesthetics and regeneration, explains that Affleck appears stressed.

“He looks tired and has visibly aged. He’s going through a tough time right now and seems very stressed,” says Dorfman, who has never treated the actor from ‘Good Will Hunting.’ “I think we’ve all been there at some point. Ben Affleck has let himself go a bit.”

He also suggests it’s important for Affleck to “get back to his usual routine.”

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