King Charles ‘denied’ taking a photo with son Prince Harry for a reason, royal biographer explains

  Allegedly, King Charles declined a chance to take a photo with Prince Harry during the Duke of Sussex’s recent visit to the U.K. A royal biographer spoke of the reason behind this shocking decision.

In a new development of the ongoing saga of King Charles III and Prince Harry’s relationship, royal biographer Tom Bower has provided insight into why the King has not met with his son this week. According to him, the King’s decision is not solely due to his busy schedule but rather a deliberate choice to prevent the Duke from gaining positive PR.

The King and his advisors have seen this for what it really is. It’s all about boosting the brand which is suffering terribly.” Bower went on to say, “Harry was desperate for a photo opportunity for the King […] The King has denied him of that, and rightly so.”

Further, Bower explains that Harry’s eagerness to take a photo with his dad emerges from his and Meghan’s planned trip to Nigeria, where Meghan’s mom has roots from. The couple intends to leverage their “royal card” during their visit, as Tom puts it.

“She is going to play the Duchess there and play the Royal Family,” Tom told GB News. Speaking about Prince Harry’s motives for the photo with King Charles III, Tom explained that the Prince wanted a photo “so he could get to Nigeria and say ‘I come here as a member of the Royal Family.'”

He then went on about his belief that Prince Harry and his wife are “exploiting the misery in London” and “putting William and Kate in a terrible light.” “Rightly Buckingham Palace decided ‘we’re not going to play their game’ on this occasion.”

Public reactions to Tom’s statements have largely been in agreeance with the royal biographer. “Completely agree. Nothing [Meghan] and Lapdog do is without a (not so hidden) agenda,” commented a social media user.

Another added, “Brilliant Tom – saying the things that most if not [the] majority are thinking. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.” “LOL. These rejected suitors are hilarious. But it is also embarrassing…. From the pics I see H got his photo ops,” said someone else.


Although many sided with Tom, some people felt differently. “King Charles showed the world why he’s not fit to lead or to be the head of the church. Pettiness and unforgivableness are ugly traits,” wrote an X user.

Referencing the assertion that King Charles III has been “toughening up” when it comes to dealing with his youngest son, another person expressed, “‘Toughen up.’ Not making any time for his son, only goes to show how petty he is!” A Prince Harry supporter gushed, “I’ve been away all day but it’s just lovely to see Harrymania in the UK. Prince Harry is a rockstar ⭐🤩 We love you Harry! ❤️


Despite the criticisms and other accusations leveled by royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, suggesting they have made life difficult for the King and other royal family members, the Duke of Sussex continues to be adored by many people.

Prince Harry has also received support from his late mother’s family. Princess Diana’s siblings, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, and Lady Jane Fellowes, stood by their nephew during the Service of Thanksgiving marking the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. Additionally, his cousins, George McCorquodale, Ned Spencer, and Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, were also present for the occasion.

@dailymailroyals Harry reunites with the Spencers at the Invictus anniversary event - as Diana’s brother Earl Spencer and her sister Lady Jane Fellowes lead guests supporting Duke's project while busy King and Royals host Palace garden party. #princeharry #harryandmeghan #royals #royaltok #spencer #diana ♬ original sound - spedupsongs

Besides being ignored by some of his royal family members, Prince Harry’s return to the U.K. has been largely met with excitement. His first day there was occupied by attending a service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London and meeting with supporters.

Prince Harry kicked off the 10th Invictus Games Foundation service delivering a heartfelt speech at the cathedral. Addressing a congregation of about a thousand, he honored the Invictus Games, which he founded in 2014 to support wounded servicemen and women. 

As the Duke exited the cathedral, wearing a black suit with a red-and-black tie and displaying honorary medals, enthusiastic fans lined up behind barricades to catch a glimpse of him. Among them, one particularly eager fan stood out, attempting to capture the prince with two phones held close to his face.

Prince Harry playfully asked why the fan had two cameras, and said it didn’t make sense to have both. He gently guided her arms behind the barrier before continuing down the line. This lighthearted interaction charmed many of his supporters, who later praised his demeanor on social media.

A fan commented, “Prince Harry greeting the crowds! […] And the square was absolutely packed!” Another admirer echoed the sentiment of excitement, swooning “We love you, Harry!” One user stated, “What a guy.”

Someone else reminisced about Princess Diana: “Look, he’s their Prince, one time the son of the Legend Diana!” Additionally, a user commented, “Thankfully like his mom, William is unfortunately like his father.”

Someone else reminisced about Princess Diana: “Look, he’s their Prince, one time the son of the Legend Diana!” Additionally, a user commented, “Thankfully like his mom, William is unfortunately like his father.”

Meanwhile, another pointed out the strong public reception for Prince Harry, saying, “Just look at the massive crowds that greeted Prince Harry the non working Royal and the most love[d] and popular Prince of hearts! Just goes to show that the BRF (British Royal Family) need[s] him more than he need[s] them!

Others pointed out that the crowd’s affection extended to Meghan, with one person saying, “I love this for Harry! They sent love to Meghan too, how lovely.” However, despite the positive reception, some critics questioned Prince Harry and Meghan’s previous claims about facing hostility in the country.

“The #IAM10 #InvictusGames anniversary today shows one thing: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exaggerated and LIED about the British public wanting to attack them,” the skeptic remarked.

Meanwhile, another user expressed sympathy for Prince Harry, pointing out what was missing from the event: “So sad that his father or brother could not make time to see him he must feel very left out.”

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