My long-distance boyfriend visited me and tricked me into paying our restaurant bills — I taught him a great lesson

Long-distance relationships require commitment and effort. Maintaining effective communication when two people who date are far apart is one of the greatest issues. The lack of physical intimacy is yet another.

When Ashley met James during a study abroad program in Paris, they immediately hit it off. When the time came for her to return to New York and he in London, they did it all to keep a close relationship with endless video calls and text messages.


It was difficult, but Ashley explained, “seeing his goofy grin light up my screen every night made it worth it.”

So, when he called her one day and told her he would be visiting her, she was over the moon. It was a day she was longing for.

As she counted the days, she planned the visit to the tiniest detail, and that included the outfits she would be wearing, visiting fun places, nice restaurants, and a lot more.


As the day drew nearer, sleep eluded Ashley as her mind buzzed with anticipation. She envisioned the countless activities they would share – catching up, wandering through the city, and perhaps even… well, you know!

Spotting James emerging through the airport arrivals gate, he looked just as dashing as she had remembered.

The moment they hugged felt like the distance between them never even existed.


James adored the city. He was blown away by the beauties of New York.

As the evening approached, James hinted at a surprise he had planned. He had reserved a table at one of the fanciest restaurants. Everything was flawless – the ambiance, the cuisine, and, of course, the delightful company.


“I wanted to make tonight special for you, Ash,” he said. The evening was a true delight, but when the time came for the bill to be paid, James fumbled with his wallet.

“Ashley, I hate to ask, but I don’t have any US dollars on me, and my card’s acting up again. Can you cover this? I promise I’ll pay you back first thing tomorrow.”

Of course, she said it was no big deal and didn’t even think much about it.

Little did Ashley know that this “temporary glitch” would turn into a full-blown credit card crisis, as covering for his bill became something that happened over and over again.

For each new date, James would pick an upscale restaurant that screamed elegance and then he would come up with a bunch of different excuses when it was time to pay the bill.

As time passed by, Ashley felt more like a walking ATM than his girlfriend.


On a particular evening, the two found themselves at a trendy rooftop bar boasting breathtaking views of the city skyline. As they savored their cocktails, James let out a dramatic sigh. “I can’t believe my card still isn’t working. This is so frustrating,” he said.

When Ashley asked him if he tried calling his bank, he answered that the time difference made it tough but assured her he would take care of it as soon as possible.

At that point, Ashley had already spent a small amount of fortune on nights out with him.


One time, as they were about to leave from a fancy restaurant, Ashley couldn’t help but say, “James, what’s going on with your card? It’s been days.”

But he just smiled and said he would take care of it. “Alright, but this can’t keep happening,” Ashley said.

“I know, and I appreciate you being so understanding. It’ll be fixed soon,” James was quick to answer back.

When her birthday rolled around, James told Ashley that he was planning to spoil her as he had a reservation in yet another expensive restaurant.

Ashley hoped to have a memorable evening so she dressed for the occasion and got very excited.

The crystal chandeliers, which resembled falling stars, and the music added to the romantic atmosphere. The menu, however, was over pricey, with some of the dishes costing more than Ashley’s week’s worth of takeout.


“Happy Birthday, Ashley. Tonight is all about you,” James told Ashley as he held his hand and planted a kiss on it.

The night could be described as perfect, but when the bill arrived is when Ashley’s worries started.

“Ashley, I’m so embarrassed, but my government has frozen my account. There’s been a mix-up, and I need to sort it out with the embassy. Can you handle this one? I’ll pay you back as soon as I can access my funds,” he said as the smile he had on faded away from his charming face.


Her heart sank. She couldn’t believe that happened again, and this time on her birthday.

She knew he wasn’t telling the truth as she noticed him paying for a bran new watch for himself the day before, using a perfectly functional card.

He wasn’t going to fool her this time.

“Oh, James, I completely understand. These international banking snafus can be a nightmare. But you know what? I have a solution that might save us both a trip to the embassy,” Ashley said with a calm voice.

She called the waiter and leaned in as she whispered something to his ear. The waiter then turned and left. Maybe Ashley wasn’t the only one who saw through James’ plan.

“Thanks, Ashley. You’re a lifesaver,” James said with a relief in his voice.

“Don’t mention it. Birthdays are all about celebrating the people you love, right?” Ashley responded as she took a sip of her drink.


She knew it was the time to teach James a lesson he would never forget.

With a smile on her face, she looked straight into his eyes and whispered, “James, there’s something I need to tell you. I paid for my part of the bill, but since you seem to be walking a financial crisis zone, the waiter agreed to let you earn your dinner. They’re offering a complimentary shift in the kitchen to cover your half. They’re expecting you now to wash the dishes, ‘Chef James!'”

As expected, his face turned pale. “No more excuses, James. This charade has gone on long enough,” she told him as he tried to defend himself.

He looked helpless, but it was what he deserved for trying to deceive her for so long.

“I’m truly sorry you can’t join me for the rest of my birthday celebration with friends. But I hope this little dishwashing detour gives you ample time to reflect on your recent… shall we say, creative accounting techniques?” Ashley said proudly.


As she left the place, Ashley gave James, the man she once adored, one final glance as she wished him to have a nice rest of the evening.

Ashley’s long-distance relationship didn’t survive, but she embraced the entire experience as a life lesson.

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