Veteran Who Removed Satan Statue Encourages Americans To Reject Satan And Embrace Jesus



In a compelling interview with Human Events’s Jack Posobiec, Michael Cassidy, the courageous Christian veteran who recently dismantled the Satanic Temples’ statue of Baphomet at the Iowa State Capitol, passionately urged his fellow Americans to reconsider their cultural values and reject the influence of Satan.

Cassidy’s call to action stems from his concern over the alarming response he has received. Astonishingly, he has encountered a wave of hate mail from individuals either sympathetic to Satanism or unwilling to acknowledge the malevolence associated with Satan, as well as the inappropriateness of displaying statues representing him in public spaces.

Addressing this mixed response, Cassidy shared, “I’ve received both positive and negative feedback, which has been quite remarkable. Some anonymous voices have applauded my firm stance against Satanism, recognizing the degradation in our society. That, in itself, has been heartening.”

However, Cassidy did not shy away from revealing the disturbing vitriol he has faced for his actions. He recounted, “I’ve also received a significant amount of hate mail from Satanists and their sympathizers. It’s astonishing – when I mention ‘hate mail,’ I mean hateful messages via fake Facebook accounts and Twitter trolls.”

Highlighting one particularly poignant example, Cassidy recounted a message from an infuriated father in Iowa who lamented that he could no longer share the satanic idol with his daughter. Cassidy shared, “I received a message from a father who was upset because the statue was no longer there. He had planned to show his daughter the statue of Satan that day.”

Cassidy firmly believes that the issue at hand is of paramount importance. He argues that the presence of icons and idols in public spaces can have far-reaching consequences, emphasizing the necessity of keeping them out of public view. He explained, “It’s crucial for people to realize the profound impact these icons can have on our society.”

Concluding his interview, Cassidy reiterated his simple yet heartfelt message: “I want people to reject Satan and embrace Jesus Christ. This should be the central message. It’s disheartening to witness a desire to expose children to such darkness.”

During the interview, Cassidy also stressed the importance of shaping the beliefs of the younger generation, emphasizing, “We must always focus on children because they are impressionable. If you can influence them at a young age, if you can instill certain beliefs in them, they will carry those beliefs throughout their lives.”

In a world where values are often tested, Michael Cassidy’s unwavering commitment to his faith serves as a powerful reminder to all Americans to reflect on their beliefs and consider the impact they have on the future of our society.

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