Dad takes disabled daughter to prom, finds $10k check for ‘dad of the year’ in mailbox later

  When Molly’s parents divorced, she was still very young. Her dad, Danny, was out of her life and she grew up with her mom, Daisy.

Around ten years since her mom and dad split, her mom passed away. Molly was heartbroken because she felt her world shattered into a million pieces. All of a sudden, she was all by herself, with no one by her side except for some family members and few friends.

As she was shedding tears over her mom’s coffin, Molly, who was in her wheelchair, felt someone’s hand landing on her back. It was her dad whom she hadn’t seen in years. She had only heard about him from her mother, who didn’t always speak nice of the man she believed abandoned them.


When the funeral was over, Danny asked Molly to move in with him. She was hesitant because she grew up without her father, but now he was there and he was ready to take her in and take care of her.

Due to an injury from the time she was still very young, Molly had troubles using her left leg, so when she wasn’t moving around with the help of her clutches, she was in her wheelchair.

Molly and Danny tried to bond, and he seemed to be a great person, contrary to what her mother had told her about him. Danny did try really hard to be the father his daughter deserved. But during the night, he would sneak out of the house, which made Molly sure of her mother’s accusations of him that he was spending time with his friends at the pub and wasn’t spending the nights at home.

Despite that, Molly felt secure by her dad’s side.


One night, as he arrived home, he heard Molly crying loudly in her room. He rushed to her and asked her what was wrong, but she refused to tell him what troubled her. Danny, however, insisted. His heart crushed with every tear that rolled down his daughter’s face. Assuring her that she can tell him everything, Molly finally opened up. She told her dad that she was the only one from the class who didn’t have a partner for the upcoming prom. Hearing this, Danny’s soul ached.

“I don’t have a date, I even asked some boys if one of them would at least dance with me during prom, but they refused and laughed,” Molly said. I don’t want to go to the prom, daddy, I want to be alone! Goodnight!”

Danny wouldn’t let Molly miss her prom. The following day, he purchased an amazing gown for her and told her she wouldn’t be alone on her special night.

When the prom night arrived, Danny, who worked as a truck driver, parked his huge truck in front of the school and honked loudly. When all eyes were on him, he got out of the truck, pulled the wheelchair out, and pushed his daughter on the red carpet as the gathering watched in amazement.


As the music rolled, the father and daughter danced in the middle of the dance floor, with Danny carrying his daughter in his arms. For a moment, Molly forgot that she had a disability and laughed her heart out as her dad kept swaying her. “My dad is my real superhero. I love him more than anything else in this world. I feel blessed and proud to say I’m his daughter,” Molly told her classmates that night.

The two had a lot of fun, but what they didn’t know was that after that night, their lives would be changed forever.

When they arrived home, Danny confessed to Molly that he and her mother divorced after he started not spending the nights at home. But contrary to what his wife thought, Danny wasn’t out drinking, but he was working a second job at a nursing home in order to be able to gather money for Molly’s surgery that would help her walk by herself again. Molly’s mom didn’t trust Danny, so the two decided to part their ways.


The following morning, when Danny got back home from work, he noticed an envelope in the mailbox. On it, there was a card attached that read, “Dad of the Year!”

Inside the envelop, Danny found $10,000 and a letter. “Dear Danny, we hope this will improve your daughter’s life. Good luck with her surgery, and we hope you spend more time with her in the evenings. Best Wishes, Your Prom Buddies!”

Danny couldn’t believe his eyes. He realized it was the parents he’d met the previous night who were behind this incredible act.

He was quick to enter the house and share the news with his girl. “Really?! My God, daddy…This is unbelievable!”


With the money Danny had saved and the $10,000 check, Molly got her surgery. It was successful, and gradually, she was able to walk without crutches.

As his goal was reached, Danny quit the night job and he was able to spend more time with his daughter and hopefully make up for the years he had spent away from her.

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