St Peter realizes that an engineer accidentally landed up in hell


St. Peter conducts a census in heaven and realizes someone is missing.


So he goes to the computer and realizes that an engineer accidentally landed up in hell.


He get’s on the phone to the Devil.


St. Peter: “So, Dev, we have an issue with this engineering guy Robert.  He is supposed to be with us.  Can you send him up?”


Devil:  “Bob? No way.  Not going to.  Since he has been down here he fixed the aircons, the plumbing and basically everything that was wrong with hell.  We are living in paradise down here thanks to Bob.  And at the fraction of the cost.  Would you believe he found a way to power everything using thermodynamics?  No way you am I sending him up.”


St. Peter:  “Well this is highly irregular.  You leave me no choice.  I will have to sue.”


Devil (laughing diabolically):  “Sue? Where do you suppose you’ll find a lawyer?”

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