Husband Tells Pregnant Wife 'You Know My Mom Comes Before You


describes a situation where a pregnant woman, feeling neglected by her husband, confronts him about his excessive attention towards his mother. In response, he shockingly states that his mother comes before his wife.

On their anniversary, the woman planned a special day, including watching sports and preparing her husband's favorite food. However, her husband came home from work and quickly left again, leaving her alone.

Hoping for a surprise, she waited, but after 30 minutes, she called him. She discovered he was at his mother's house again. Frustrated, she told him that his mom might as well be the one carrying their child, given his prioritization of her.

After hanging up, she received texts from her husband and mother-in-law, accusing her of being insulting and envious. They suggested she find something else to occupy her time.

Confused and seeking perspective, she turned to the Reddit community to ask if her reaction was wrong.

In her follow-up post, the woman thanked the Reddit community for their supportive comments, confirming that she wasn't overreacting. She shared her realization:

"I think my MIL is competing with me, and I might even have to give my husband an ultimatum because after reading these comments, things could only get worse from here."

The Reddit community was in consensus that she was justified in expecting her husband to spend more time with her and their baby, especially during her pregnancy, rather than prioritizing his mother to such an extent.

Many suggested the woman talk to her husband to understand why he spent so much time with his mother.

When she did, her husband explained that his mother was extremely important to him, which didn't ease the situation for her.

Realizing her mother-in-law wasn't going to change, the woman considered divorce. She told her husband she would leave him if he didn't stop behaving as if he was married to his mother instead of her.

This ultimatum deeply affected the husband. He cried and promised to change his ways, indicating the seriousness of the situation and his realization of the potential consequences of his actions.

The woman contemplated discussing the situation with her mother-in-law, but she anticipated her mother-in-law's dismissive attitude, believing she'd be told she had no chance of 'winning' in this situation.

However, the woman emphasized that this wasn't about winning or losing. She made it clear that if her mother-in-law didn't alter her behavior, she would restrict her access to her grandchild. This stance reflects the seriousness of the situation and the woman's determination to establish boundaries for the well-being of her family.

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