My MIL Visited Us While I Was Out of Home – When I Returned My Daughter Told Me Something That Shattered Our Family



When Kristen’s four-year-old daughter returns from a visit with her grandmother, she reveals a secret to her. Kristen has to figure out whether Katie’s innocence has clouded the story, or is it the cold, hard truth. I always told myself that when my children asked about where they came from, that I’d have a proper answer. Something witty and cool, and just different. I remember cringing when my parents described it to my younger brother, and I knew that I wanted to do things differently. But then, while we were sitting outside, and toasting smores, my four-year-old, Katie, looked up at me, her eyes wide with the boundless curiosity of youth.

Mommy,” she said slowly, as if trying to choose her words properly. “Yes, Katie?” I asked, already bemused because when she called me like this, it meant that my child was about to make me laugh. She smiled at me as she took a bite of her smore, the chocolate oozing onto her little fingers. “Mommy, how did I appear?” she asked, her voice filled with wonder. “Appear?” I asked, hoping that I didn’t need a witty answer so soon. Where did I come from?”

she asked, picking up another marshmallow. I hesitated. I didn’t know how to explain it to a four-year-old — I always thought that the creation question came later on. So, I stole my mother’s line. “Well, sweetheart, when Dad and I fell in love, we planted a seed. And soon after, you were born,” I explained to her, wanting to laugh at myself. “Like a tree? A seed for a tree?”

details. He just told me that she waspregnant and he didn’t know what to do.” “What do you think we should do?” I asked. “Honey, when Sam’s father had his affair, I divorced him. I’m not saying that you should do the same. But I am saying that some betrayals are just too deep. I know he’s my son. And that I should be supporting him. But when he told me — all I could think about was when I saw my husband with his mistress, and her big belly.” I wondered what Gloria was telling me, whether there was some hidden message to her words. “What about Katie?” I asked, desperate for advice. “She doesn’t know anything specific. To her understanding, I’m the one having the baby.” “Put your child first, Kristen, by all means. But just remember that you’ll have to live with the consequences, too.” We drove in silence, Katie looking out the window at the sunset. When we got home, I sat at the kitchen table lost in thought — I didn’t know what the next move should be. My love for Sam had died the moment he admitted the truth. Would it be the worst thing for our marriage to end, too? It felt over. He had sought solace outside of our marriage. Katie climbed onto my lap, wrapping her tiny arms around me. “Mommy, don’t be sad,” she said. “I love you a hundred, thousand, million.” I sighed, holding onto her tightly. It was Katie’s innocence that had unveiled the bitter truth, but it was also her love that reminded me of my strength. With her by my side, I knew that I could face the uncertain future with Sam. It was time for a new beginning for Katie and myself.

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